Day & Night Janitorial

Janitorial services are a vital building maintenance activity for every business.

At The Clean Machine, we take care of all your cleaning needs with our expertly-trained personnel and industry-leading green technology. We understand that the image and upkeep of your facility can affect your employees’ performance. That’s why our independent Quality Management Inspection Team double-checks each of our cleaning service sites to ensure that we maintain the highest in industry standards, providing a healthier, cleaner and more pleasant workplace.

Our janitorial services include vacuuming, dusting, trash disposal, disinfecting, restroom sanitizing, and floor work. We adapt our versatile systems of zone cleaning and team cleaning to your building’s unique space, maximizing efficiency with unsurpassed quality.

Property Management Services

Property management is a demanding job. There is always something new that needs taking care of. The last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your properties are clean. The Clean Machine understands the needs of property managers and solves their janitorial problems.

High quality janitorial supervision, cleaning services, and green products deliver consistently high quality cleaning to your managed properties. Weekly inspections are recorded, analyzed, and monitored by the most efficient property management janitorial services around. All this ensures CLEAN properties allowing you to focus on other duties.

Your tenants will appreciate that their properties are being well taken care of by environmentally friendly cleaning services. Prospective tenants will feel better about having their properties managed with these services, which in turn grows your business.

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